Dry Needling Update

On October 29, 2020, the Nevada Legislative Commission approved the adopted regulation, LCB File No. R053-19, prescribing the qualifications required for licensed athletic trainers to perform the skilled intervention of dry needling as defined in NRS 640B.037. The regulation was filed and became effective on November 2, 2020. The regulation along with the relevant statutes and a sample consent form are linked to the right.

    Before performing dry needling, an athletic trainer must undergo Board review to be approved. They must submit to the Board documented proof of compliance with the qualifications listed in R053-19 using the Dry Needling Verification Form. A detailed explanation of the Board review process and a sample form have been provided, along with helpful tips to ensure a successful application.

      The qualifications include the completion of at least 150 hours total of didactic education and training in dry needling and the submission of documentation with proof of completion to the Board. The education requirement includes at least 25 hours of in-person didactic education and training in dry needling provided through an approved postgraduate course of study of dry needling, including the successful completion of in-person written and practical examinations. In addition, at least 125 hours can be in approved graduate-level courses or postgraduate continuing education courses in appropriate areas of study relevant to dry needling.