Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I have to have a license if I'm not practicing as an Athletic Trainer?

You do not need a license if you are not practicing Athletic Training or holding yourself out to the public as an Athletic Trainer. However, you will need a license immediately if you begin to practice as an Athletic Trainer in the State of Nevada. The process can take up to 4 months to receive the fingerprint/background checks back to the NSBAT office so it is crucial to plan ahead.

    2. If I’m licensed as a professional in another field do I need a license to practice athletic training?

    Yes. If you work in name or action as an Athletic Trainer you will need a license.

      3. Why are the fees so high?

      The fee of $300 was set to assist the Board in the start up costs of starting everything from scratch. You may refer to NRS 640B to review the fee schedule.

        4. When will I receive my license?

        When the NSBAT has received your completed application, fees, photo, official copy of diploma or transcripts, copy of BOC card, AND background check verification you should receive your license provided there is no problem with you application.

          5. Common problems found in the application process include:

          • Not completing all four (4) pages
          • Not having application waiver notarized
          • Not including a recent photograph
          • Not following the fingerprint instructions
            • cards must be legible and complete
            • fees must be paid with money order, not personal check
            • information must be in black ink
            • if you use cards acquired outside of the NSBAT they must have information on them as found in the Fingerprint instruction sheet

            6. Does having a license affect third party billing?

            The purpose of the license is to protect the public. That being said, most third party insurance payers will not reimburse for health care services unless those services are provided by a licensed Health Care Provider.

              7. How should a Licensed Athletic Trainer identify themselves once they are licensed?

              As a Licensed Athletic Trainer you must signify that you are such with the credentials as follows: John Doe LAT, ATC.